Cloud for Examination System in Sri Lanka

If the word “cloud” mean more than just a cloud in the sky for you , then continue reading. But if not I suggest you to go through this link Cloud Computing

“Examinations” must be the most horrible words in the society these days. We all know how they have spoiled it. In the education system in Sri Lanka GCE O/L and GCE A/L are the most two important examinations for students in the schools. The whole future of a person is decided by these exams (Not true always ūüôā ). We all know the importance of an examination and it’s results. One wrong calculation or printing mistake can make a life up side down.

As far as the examination results are concerned, there are two vital factors ,

Theya are

  • Accuracy
  • Quick Publishing

I am not going to talk more about the fact “Accuracy”, because it is so obvious .GCE Advanced Level and GCE Ordinary Level results were one of the most controversial topics recently.Inaccuracy of the prevailing system was obviously revealed. GCE A/L is the most important benchmark¬†of the life of a student. Inaccuracy of such a thing may ruin the life of the student. Erroneous marking¬†of the paper is not the only reason here. Improper manipulating of the data can cause the same¬†problem. Then the second fact. Most of the students seating for exam are not passed or get higher ranks in the ¬†first time. So majority of them seek a second try. To get this decision quick publishing of the results in very important. It takes months to finalize the results after the paper marking is completed. So where is the mistake.

Here is the procedure….

  1. Mark the paper
  2. records the marks in a sheet and send it to the Ministry of Office or whateva
  3. then they manually enter the marks in to a database
  4. then process

for 3rd and 4th steps they take months, Folks!!! what ¬†if we can do 3rd step inside the marking center and 4th step later. Results can be published maximum within 2 days after the marking is finished. Awesome !!! isn’t it.

(usually paper marking is taken place for 3 weeks, so within 3 weeks and 2 days after the exam results are published)

The solution is the CLOUD…… cloud for examinations. ¬†You guys cam argue with me “Teachers!!! Their IT literacy is not that high!!”… yeah.. may be.. But there are teachers dedicated to IT at schools may be we can use them.

Note: This is part of my dream , that I shared with you in the first article of this blog….

My Dream


One thought on “Cloud for Examination System in Sri Lanka

  1. Yeah bro … This can Do a Huge efficiency in exams but problem is People in Sri lanka (not everyone) don’t like to change from their ordinery system…….But in future they will due to rapid development in IT sector….

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