Download videos from just one command in Linux terminal

Hey.. guyz.. I was looking for a tool to download you tube videos in linux. On the way, I met a nice tool. it is “youtube-dl”. So let’s get started.

First you have to install it…

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

you can do plenty of things with this command, but in this post.. I am going to explain how it can be used to achieve the basic purpose. I mean downloading a video. Convert videos, etc… will be discussed in the future.

After getting this installed you can start downloading your favorite videos not only from youtube… it supports metacafe,dailymotion and so many other video sites.Command syntax is as below.

youtube-dl -f {formatcode} {vedioURL}

-f is the option that states, you are going to download a video with the specified quality. for example 380p,720p,720pHD,1080pHD which is represented by the formatcode in the command.Following table contains the values and video quality.

Format Code File Format Video Quality
13 3GP N/A
17 3GP 144p
18 MP4 270p/360p
22 MP4 720p
34 FLV 360p
35 FLV 480p
36 3GP 240p
37 MP4 1080p
38 MP4 3072p

for example.. if you want to download a 1080p quality vedio with url to a particular location.
First go to the particular folder and type below command.

youtube-dl -f 37

That’s it …. then the downloading will start..

I have tested this for youtube,dailymotion … it saved a hell of a time for me …


Perform bulk user Import for a tenant in wso2 products

Bulk user import is an Admin Service so it can only be performed by the tenant admin. In this post I am going to guide you how to perform a bulk user import as a tenant admin.

First you need to create a csv file or xlsx file which contains the user names. Here I am going to use a csv file. First lets create a csv file which contains user name that we need to add to the tenant.


NOTE:Please make sure to keep first line empty,start entering names as above from the second line.

then save the file as XXX.csv . Here I am using the file name as names.csv.

then create soap ui project with the wsdl


Before this you have to set


in the carbon.xml which can be found in PRODUCT_HOME/repository/conf

After creating the project you can see as following.


then select the operation bulk user import and create a request from it. create the payload as in the below image.


here the handler is the csv file. we have to send it as an attachment with the soap request. Now let’s attach the csv file to the soap request.


click on tab show in red circle 1 and click on icon in red circle 2 to open the csv file. Then it will prompt asking for caching the file ,click “No”.


Then click on the cell of the relevant row of your file which belongs column “part”, and you will see some values. select the value you have given for cid:XXXXXX in handler tag.

Since this is a admin service you have to pass tenant admin credentials.


click on the Aut tab and provide tenant admin details according to this figure. make sure Authorization type is set to Preemtive .

Now you are good to go… send the request .Now users in the csv file are added to the user store of the tenant with given default password in the payload.